A Roller Coaster Ride

Right from the start, life is teaching us good and bad experiences. Everyone is struggling with the same problems we have. Everyone’s life can be difficult that sometimes we just want to quit. But we were never alone and we will never be. The author Tim Hansel said, “Pain is inevitable but misery is optional”. Everybody has their own painful period in their life, but they learn to accept and overcome them instead of fighting and pushing them away. Life was never fair, and it will never be. There’s a difference between those who survive and prosper and those who don’t, and that’s the way they handle bad situations when they arise. Being true to yourself and accepting the problems that come your way prepare you and help you on dealing with them effectively; but rejecting that life is unfair to you will only make things harder and you’ll just blame people for your rotten luck. Just remember that every time you fall down, you will have always gotten up one more time than you’ve fallen. It’s fun to ride a roller coaster; the excitement before you get in the car, the adrenaline you feel before the car plummets, and sometimes the fear that we will die on that car. That’s kind of the point. We need to experience something so we can say that we’ve lived our life. Who wants a normal life anyway?

Thank you for life, and all the little ups and downs that make it worth living. Thank you for life, and all the rain that pour on us that make the rainbow brighter.


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