There on the corner sat a clear, cylindrical jar. It prefers not to be touched and remain clean. Unfortunately, someone took it and inserted a paper in it. The jar absorbed it and the paper was transferred there. Someone else poured a bottle of ink and the paper blotted. The jar loved it no matter how adverse.

As time passed, the jar learned to write. Sometimes she couldn’t but she just lets it go.

The jar was too full of writings and she wants to erase them. No matter how much she tried to unload the information, but because of the writings she did, those informations engraved in her.

She was taken to another place again by the same person, and the jar was put in the middle of the room. There she saw how big the world is without having to go there. No matter the problems or the amount of stress, the jar managed it with the ink. The jar learned how to absorb the new ideas and information but she couldn’t unload them. All of it just kept on entering her mind.

The jar changed its appearance include itself within. It was just paper and ink but it was enough for the jar to change its contents. As time passed the contents kept on adding, and the jar wished to organize them rather than lose them.


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