Tick Tock

A lot of things were always ‘that’ way before they were changed. Everything is changing, and it will continue to change. From game boy to PSP and from Nokia 3310 to iPhone 6. Let’s not the forget people from being humble until insecurity ate their brains and they can’t eat their pride. Time changed the way we look in our world and the same way we treat the people around us.

Change is globally recognized. Because of ‘change’, things became chaotic and out of control. War, nuclear weapons, global epidemic, availability of energy, terrorism, climate change, increase of population, and poverty, hunger and lack of drinking water are some of the world’s biggest problems. A lot people rely on the government to control these problems and a lot of people blame the government for ‘not doing’ their job.

Independence was never taught, it is learned. It was given and it’s up to us how we’ll use it to stand on our own feet. We learn to fight with what we know is right and oppose the wrong. We support the good and do what is right in order to put a balance in this world.

Try to reminisce the times when we were still younger. The times when we were begging to our mother to buy this and that, and the times when we still need them to read us bedtime stories. Those good old times where we haven’t been influenced and even thought we do something wrong, it’s alright.

Now try to think of the other people who has to be careful on whatever they do. The people who has to make sure everything is fair and there wouldn’t be a hitch. The celebrities who has to choose a good outfit in order to satisfy the paparazzi, the politicians who has to make a good image in order to be called a ‘good’ politician, and the students who has to follow every rule a teacher gives him to get a good grade.

Everyone experiences the same problems we encountered before. School, friends and puberty. It’s not like someone can skip the puberty stage. It’s not like someone can skip ‘the changing’ stage.

It’s because of time and change that we experience things we haven’t experienced before. It’s because of time and change that we begin to misunderstand and misjudge a lot of stuff. It’s because of time and change that we became a better or worse version of ourselves. It’s because of time and change that made the world unbalanced. But it’s also because of time and change that the unbalanced world made everything fair.

Think about it for a second. If the world is balanced, if everything is fair, how would we encounter our obstacles? If everybody is rich, who would serve our food and clean the parks? If everyone can lead, who will they lead?

As time pass by, everything changes. Moral values, feelings, attitude, human beings. And as time passes by, you never know how much has changed that you might have left something in the past. Something you can never take back.


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