As I smile at the happiness that occurred, the hours are going by. The clock ticks its every second and the smile on my face is being washed away. Looking back to what was left behind has been lost in translation, and torn me apart.

It was with me for a moment. The moments I’ve spent with the people I deem unparalleled and the photographs I’ve collected of them. It took days for us to know each other, months for us to form together, and years to have each other’s backs. Knowing that one day we will stand on a stage one more time and disperse to the path that we choose is…

I wouldn’t be who I am without them. They taught me everything I know and motivated me to be who I am .Without them, I wouldn’t know who I will be. Courage, persistence and dedication runs through our veins because we have each other. The days well spent and the moments that lasted shortly. What would happened if one of us were missing? We wouldn’t be as tenacious as we are today.

We’ve grown into young adults with mental fortitude. In a few months we will be entering a world of independence and leave the building where we had less responsibility. There were some shitty moments of our high school life that we won’t be experiencing again. That flag ceremony, those classes we hated, the room that we left messy.

In a few years when we study in a university, there may come a time that we think how high school sucked. They say college is where life starts, with all the school works that needs to be done and the responsibility you have to stand for. At some point in your future self, you may think how great college is, but how better high school was.

In high school we can have every bit of freedom and get away from the harsh penalties. High school life is not the best part of our lives. It’s the most extreme.

“High school suffers from a draconian system of rules that seem intentionally designed to stifle learning and creativity. Homework is often excessive, but worse, is more about rote work than actual challenges. Schools focus on testing “standards” without encouraging free thinking and exploration. The social structure in high school seems designed to ostracize people that enjoy learning, and to make knowledge something to be ashamed of”.

We spend our whole week on projects. Either keep up with our clubs or neglect them. Hurt our stomach from laughing, pull an all-nighter and talk shit with our friends. Felt lonely, empty, euphoric. Our biggest perk? Life is simple and easy.

Life was simple and easy.


Thank you Sir Renmar Allan Fernandez for the photograph


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