The Perfect Child

He once had everything. He was the perfect child of a rich family. A talented, intelligent, and respected man he was. He also had a train of happy moments with his everything. Until slowly, he lost all of it.

He lost the memory of his upbringing. The memories with the divorced man who raised him. The reminiscence of their struggle to dominate the higher-ups. The remembrance of the woman he dedicated all his efforts to.

The man who raised him was an intelligent man with many innovations in his mind. His wrinkly hands that formed who the perfect child became was the same hands that loved the whore who left them. The facade of his eyes that the perfect child could see was the same eyes that felt the pain of the whore firsthand.

The perfect child promised to himself that he’ll find the right woman for him. He promised to himself to be as courageous and intelligent as his father. He achieved many, too many, which he dedicated to himself and the man who raised him. He governed his life with those three passions.

She just entered his life, the woman he first laid his eyes on. Her wit and will admired him, but it wasn’t the reason they had a lunch together. Her charisma wasn’t why they had a coffee. And it was definitely not her humour that they went out for dinner. He wasn’t infatuated with her, he was in love with her.

Six years passed and she had a ring on her finger. The perfect child’s kingdom became an empire and his worth to the eyes of those who doesn’t have one fluctuated. His worth was a lot that those people took the man who raised him. The loss of father was enough to blind him that the woman he loved was a ghost. He thought that the love he gave her was filling her, but it was his money that was filling her.

He governed his life with three passions, and one of those was a delusion that sunk him to the bottom.


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