Her Sweetness

“Please don’t leave daddy alone.”

Her sweetness was pretending to be sleeping, but something wet woke her up. She kept her eyes closed and her hands on her chest while her father caressed her head.

“I’ve done too few wrongs but they were enough to destroy your mom.”

Her sweetness didn’t know what her father meant. She didn’t know if her father knew anything about what he had done.

Her father was crying, she was sure of it. Her father was hugging her tight so she broke away. Her father’s eyes grew and he was really crying. Her sweetness wiped the tears away and kissed his eyes.

“Mommy kisses me when I cry,” she said.

“Me too, sweetie,” her father replied with a soft smile on his face.

She hugged her father by his neck and he held her by her waist. It was at that moment that her sweetness understood how much her mother loved her mother.

Her sweetness didn’t know much about her father. All that her mother was that he’s a brave man who’d put those he love first before himself. Her sweetness didn’t get that because her mother would always say that her father loves her. How could her father not know her and love her at the same time?

“Sweetie, don’t read this, okay?” her mom instructed. Her sweetness was four years and she didn’t follow her. She read it.

Her mother saw her reading it but she didn’t scold her. Her sweetness knew that her mother was there but she kept reading. She didn’t understand the story, but she still read it.

Twelve years later she found that notebook again. She read it all over. She told her father about the notebook, too, and he supported her sweetness with her plans.

She knew that her mother was killed in a car accident. Someone was stalking me a few months prior her death. My mother didn’t die in a car accident, she was murdered.

Six years after that she became a registered investigator. She apprehended the murderer seven years after her registration. More than seven years it took to give her mother’s death the justice it deserved.


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