The Fall

Her sweetness remembered what her father told her when she was seven. It was clear that her father loved her mother. She also remembered how her mother wrote in the notebook that she lied to her father and she scammed him.

How could her father love a liar?

Her sweetness was standing in the middle of her room and the perfect child found her there. The perfect child wondered what she was doing there.

The perfect child saw that her sweetness was holding a picture. It was a picture of him and her mother. Her sweetness turned to him and asked him, “Why?”

The perfect child looked at her in confusion. “What?”

“How could you love someone who destroyed you? You told me when I was younger that you destroyed mom but she was the one who destroyed you. I don’t get it,” her sweetness’ eyes were pleading for answers. She was looking intently in the eyes of the perfect child.

The perfect child took the picture and smiled, “I knew that her love was genuine. She was intelligent and charismatic and humourous. I think that she’s one of the dumbest scammers. She fell in love with her victim.”

“Why did it sound to me that you were proud of her?”

“I’m not. I’m just fascinated with her works. She scammed almost all of the one percenters in the world. She gave all of the money-”


“What?” the perfect child looked up to his daughter and saw how fast her tears cascaded. The perfect child figured that maybe she was trying to understand an illogical situation. The perfect child loved an antagonist, a devil. But the perfect child can’t find out why he loved her.

“I was a fool, I guess,” the perfect child answered.

“You really were,” and her sweetness pulled out a gun and shot the perfect child.


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