An Appreciation Poem for Parents

Our parents molded us the way they were molded before
They made sure to teach us a lesson even if they have to implore
There were times in our lives that we feel to abhor
But despite the exhaustion they feel nothing but amour

The years our parents spent are mostly with struggle and pain
And it’s promising for it not to be easily washed away in vain
For every step that we took, they were there like a cane
And we had a communication that others may find arcane

They say one of the greatest titles in the world is “parent”
And one of the biggest blessings in the world is “to have parents”
Though such people in the world are possibly not inherent
There will be those who shall stand up and be prudent

How dare us tell our parents that we’ve sacrificed a lot
When we don’t know how much they’ve done just to teach us how to trot
We have no idea of the destruction when we marplot
To the dreams that they, themselves, should have caught

Their sacrifices of dreams are probably listed in memoirs
That they’ve done to give space so we could achieve ours
They watched us like the moon while we count the stars
And they acted like blood clots when we get our scars

They were there when we didn’t know what to do
They know what to say when we feel so blue
Yet here we are and sometimes continue to undervalue
Despite their efforts when we stray to rescue


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