Dear Mommy

Once there was a girl, who dreamed of achieving her dreams and fulfilling her fantasies. She wanted to be a painter. Unfortunately, she was forced to take Science and become a Surgeon abroad. Still, she willed herself to look at the world the way she always did. Decades passed and both her dreams and what she was forced to become happened, but she couldn’t as an artist anymore because it’s harder for her to be now.

One day, a friend invited her to a baseball game, and she gladly accepted so. The crowd was on fire and the team she has supported since high school has a huge lead against their opponent. On top of the sixth inning, a fair ball would’ve hit her if the Catcher of her team hadn’t run as fast to catch it. But the Catcher didn’t return to his plate after catching the ball. Instead, he waited for her to give him her number so they could get out. Frustrated for the delay the Surgeon caused, the home plate umpire borrowed a marker, gave it to the medtech and ordered her to write it on the Catcher’s arm. She did so.

A few months after the game, they started going out a lot more. Days later, they’re in a relationship. A year later she was pregnant, two months later she miscarieged. It was devastating for the both, and Surgeon was arranged to be married which made things a lot worse.

The Surgeon said yes to the marriage because she knew she can’t talk to her family about it. The Catcher, with a heavy heart, let her go. About a month later, she became Mrs. Surgeon.

Mrs. Surgeon and the Catcher still saw each other. Mrs. Surgeon would watch all of the Catcher’s games and they would date eventually. The husband, however, found out Mrs. Surgeon’s routine, and threatened her if she didn’t stop seeing him. Afraid of a public scandal, she asked for one last date with the Catcher, and the husband agreed.

They watched a game together, but weren’t engaged to the game itself. Instead, they left early and went to the cemetery to have their first and last ‘family’ picnic with their dead child. Throughout their picnic, the Catcher and Mrs. Surgeon didn’t speak. Both of them had tears on their eyes and pain in their hearts. Mrs. Surgeon’s phone rang, and the husband gave her a “time’s up”, and a car pulled up with the husband inside.

The Catcher held her face in his hands and touched her cheek softly. He looked at her face as if to never forget how she felt in his hands. Mrs. Surgeon closed her eyes as she said her goodbye to the love of her life.

The husband couldn’t stand the fact that he didn’t know anything about his ‘wife’. He said to her that he needed an heir to the family company, and nine months later, I was born.


Mom, you’ve taught me how to loathe you, but I could never do so. Dad would always hurt you and I thought you would do the same to me, but you didn’t. There was only one thing you told me and that was to hate. But I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I couldn’t hate you because there was nothing that I could feel but love.

Love for the woman who always had the chance, but refused to take so. Love for the woman with so much to say, but chose not to do so. Love for the woman who indirectly taught me how much pain a person can endure for the sake of love itself.

Mr. Catcher, thank you for the time you spent with her for her. Thank you for giving her wonderful memories. I hope that you see each other again up there and continue the love that was paused in the middle.


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