Dream vs Ambition

A dream is a vision of what you want to do. An ambition is the desire that gives somebody a motivation to achieve his dreams. Our dreams is the blueprint and our ambition is the tool.

One must have a dream first before he can achieve it. All of us have dreams but it’s the motivation that makes the difference. Over ambitioning can somehow lead us to the hospital, like a mountain climber skipping every step without the right gear. Pursuing your dream must always start on the basics, just like all of us when we were younger; following every step from 1 to 10. The ambition is one that mustn’t be thrown away because it’s not something that can be changed with a battery.

A person must work hard since dreams does not become reality through magic. Treat your dreams with motivation and let the motivation drive you crazy. Just like this quote, ” A dream without ambition is like a car without a gas, it’ll never go anywhere.”


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