The sun gracefully lifted its head above the clouds, its sun rays stretching from miles to miles to the beautiful dawn, greeting a new day.

In an early morning Spring on the Northern Hemisphere in the Land of the Great Creator, a young butterfly is lost. She just got out from her cocoon. She has no idea where she is and what to do.

In every Hemisphere, there are Guardians of Order and Law who must know what is happening in the area where they are assigned. The Guardians must know how to handle a situation and how to understand every creature. But in every light, there are shadows. In every Order, there is Chaos.

The young butterfly wasn’t aware of the trouble she will be getting herself into. As she fly from flower to flower, a gigantic bird on fire hovered above her. She had no idea that it’s Phoenix, the Fallen Angel.

Phoenix then hid the evil in his eyes behind a façade of affection and cordial and asked, “Who are you, young one? How come I don’t know you?”

“Uh…,” the butterfly looked up at Phoenix with unease. “I-I am new here. Uh, who are you?”

“I am Phoenix, the best friend and the worst enemy you’ll ever meet,” Phoenix said to the young butterfly, sinister glinting in her eyes.

“Would it be alright to you, young one, if I will be the one to tour you around?” Phoenix offered, and the young butterfly nodded, empty-headed.


Meanwhile, as Sariel tend the flowers, she suddenly felt tense. Like something is wrong in the Northern Hemisphere. Seraphiel landed on her side and they gave each other cautious looks. The fairy and the angel both felt distressed as they flew around, looking for the source of their anxiety. Sariel then felt the presence of an old friend.


“What do you think about this place, Yara?” Phoenix asked.

“This place is wonderful!” Yara exclaimed. “Thank you, Videl, for giving me a name,” she added.

“The pleasure is mine,” Videl, the Pixie, said to Yara as the young butterfly flew around the two.

Phoenix’s fire grew hotter as Seraphiel and Sariel approached them.

“Hello, Phoenix. Hello, Videl,” Seraphiel politely greeted at the bird and pixie. Seraphiel took notice of Yara and gave her a warm smile.

“What’s your name, young butterfly?” Seraphiel asked as he grins down at Yara.

“Videl gave me my name. I’m Yara,” the butterfly replied enthusiastically.

“Yara, can I talk to you for a second?” Seraphiel asked the young butterfly. Yara turned her head to Videl and Phoenix and silently asked them. Videl nodded at her and Yara flew to Seraphiel’s side.


“So, you’ve found a new victim,” Sariel bluntly said to Phoenix.

“Shut your filthy mouth, you puny fairy,” Phoenix hissed.

“Watch your mouth…or your beak,” Sariel countered.

“I could just eat you, you know that,” Phoenix smirked at Sariel, but Sariel doesn’t flinch a bit.

“So, what are your plans for the innocent Yara?” Sariel demanded.

“None that concerns the Guardian of Order and Law,” Phoenix replied. Videl was quiet, turning her head back and forth as the bird and the fairy argued.

“The nectar tastes good, Videl!” Yara exclaimed as she drifted to where Phoenix and Videl are.

“It seems like the two of you are the best friend Yara had ever met,” Seraphiel complimented.

“They are Yara’s only friend,” Sariel whispered at Seraphiel.

“We’ll leave Yara to you, Videl. I hope I can trust you,” Seraphiel said to the pixie and left.


“Seraphiel, seriously? Leave Yara to Videl and Phoenix? And why would you trust them?” Sariel asked at the angel incredulously.

“Faith can move mountains, Sariel. And what I meant from what I said earlier is that I trust Videl. I didn’t said anything about trusting Phoenix.”


“Get us a marionette, Videl. Let’s have some fun,” Phoenix instructed at Videl who is now having second thoughts for Yara.


“Phoenix, where is Videl?” Yara asked as she looked around for her friend. A while ago, she was just with them.

“Visiting an old friend. Would you like to meet Venus?” Phoenix asked and Yara nodded.


As Yara and Phoenix glided to Venus’ place, Videl is setting up a marionette and tries to untangle every wire. Videl positioned the marionette near Venus and with her tricky little hand, made the marionette look like a damsel in distress.

“Phoenix, what’s that?” Yara asked Phoenix when she saw the marionette.

“Oh, my. That’s Venus!” Phoenix exclaimed, obviously fake.

“What should we do?”

“Well, someone’s got to save her,” Phoenix coaxed to Yara. “Someone has to save her.”

“Someone…,” Yara muttered. Yara turned to look at Phoenix, and Phoenix’s eyes are full of dead creature. His eyes coaxing her to save the marionette. His eyes that are full of control.

Videl can see Yara being put in a trance by Phoenix. “I hope I can trust you.” Seraphiel’s words rang in her head. Videl moved the marionette to a larger Venus, until she found the largest of all. Yara drifted from side to side like a drunken butterfly as she travels towards the marionette with Phoenix behind her.

Sariel saw Videl controlling the marionette. When Videl turned to her, Videl’s eyes was full of guilt. Sariel then knew that she has to help her old friend. Sariel pleaded to the Guardians of the Northern Wind to help her, and convinced them that Videl will be needing their help for good.

Videl positioned the marionette a lot more higher, making Yara go up. The Guardians of the Northern Wind blew with all their might, pushing Phoenix into Venus but carefully carrying Yara away from the Venus. Yara continued to fly towards the marionette as the Guardians of the Northern Wind blew Phoenix a lot more stronger towards Venus. Phoenix’s fire died down, weakening him.

“Videl!” he roared. As Phoenix grew smaller and more powerless, the Venus chewed him down to its throat to feed its youngsters.

As for Yara, she has the marionette, telling Videl how great it is to save someone. How great it feels like to do a good deed. Before sunset, Sariel gave Yara a nectar that has an elixir in it that will make the young butterfly forget about Phoenix, wherein Yara’s innocence will be well taken care of.

The day went on as the sun whispered to the moon that its job was done. The moon winked at Yara through the clouds above. And below is a howl of anguish that is heard by Serpahiel and the Great Creator.


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