With just a few words, you could search something new,
By digging a little deeper, you might find something you knew,
And when you continue to do so, there might be something that’ll construe,
And expand your mind and let you see through.

We were all once born, naturally and unaffected,
And when we saw these breadcrumbs, we followed the thread,
As years go by, we removed and added a shred,
Of who we once were to fill in their stead.

We learned, we ignored, we made mistakes, and we relearned,
That just about anything could make anything adjourned,
And with our own will, we could make anything spurned,
And with a strong mindset, we could make anything turned.

You can be whoever you want as long as you do,
Because dreams don’t come true out of the blue,
They come true when despite all of the obstacles, you breakthrough,
And learn to be humble after what you’ve been through.

It’s a little bit old, and it can be tiring to hear “It all starts with you”,
Because in every turn of life, that’s something you’ll run into,
But, hey, old news:
‘Cause it does with a little different angle of view.


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