I should be asleep, but I couldn’t. I can’t stop thinking about them.

Saturday, my mom and I were cooking and she told me to slice the carrots, when she was suddenly beside me and told me, “You’re doing it wrongly. Here let me show you.” She then took the knife on my hand and sliced the carrots thinner than how I’ve done. She gave back the knife and I followed what she’d done. After a few slices, “Sweetie, you’re doing it wrong again.” And then, “Sweetie, let me slice the carrots. Clean the dishes for me, okay?” I obeyed, not minding how her words felt. Before I started she said, “Wash the knives first,” and I followed. After the knives, I cleaned the plates, and then, “Wash all of them first before rinsing,” and I followed. I washed all of them, but before I rinsed the plates, “Make sure you rinse them properly,” and I followed. After the dishes, my mom stated, “Honey, why are you wearing that tattered shirt again? Change your shirt and fix your hair.” And I followed.

Tuesday, my classmates and I were drawing visual aids for the next class, when one of them said that I should blend the colors nicely. I did, until she took the brush from me and told me to clean the other burshes. I went to the restroom, cleaned it, when the janitress said, “Be careful not to leave colors on the sink,” and I did. When I got back to the room, one of my friends told me that there were some paint on my blouse. She also told me to put on some make-up to cover my pimples. She also told me to fix my hair. She also told me to help my classmates with the visual aids.

Wednesday, it was P.E. class when the teacher said to me, “Fix your hair. You won’t be able to play with your hair down.” I braided my hair, and one of my classmates said that I was doing it wrongly. When I was finished, another classmate of mine said that my braid was ugly.

Friday, I was fixing my bag when one of my friends said that I should wash my bag because it was so dirty. And another friend of mine said that I should fix my things in my bag and that I should also fix my hair.

Sunday morning, I saw a photo of my friends together. I didn’t know they were going out. They never invited me. They were with their families and I realized, they didn’t fix their hair on the photo.

Sunday night, I should be asleep, but I couldn’t. I can’t stop thinking about them.

Photo source : http://watercolourswithlife.blogspot.com/2010/07/painting-from-life.html


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