You’re obliged to adapt. You have to wear a different mask to fit in to the new environment you’ve put yourself into. You can’t, sometimes, let them know your true desires, your true self. Because you know that you don’t know your own self. What would happen after you take your mask off? Would you still be rational? Would you still respect of others? What about yourself?

You can’t be quiet, but not too loud either. You just have to pick the right words to use and the best that’s not to be said. Keep the essential to you, your goals. Until you know that you’re finally safe, which sometimes you’re not, feel free to let your wings of desire go. There’s a feeling of great pleasure in releasing burdens, whether good or not.

No matter how many masks you wear, the one thing you should do is know who you are. There’ll be no greater feeling than knowing your true self, without any mask of kindness and cunningness.

If you can easily adjust, check how you’ve do it. Do you tell them something about yourself? How much detail? Do you have an aura of approachability or charisma that helps you adjust? Or it’s because you’re surroundings needed something from you, and they’re nice to you? Whether good or bad, when you’re new, watch out for your words and actions.


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