“I’m home!” It was my sister. I knew it was her so I closed the door and pretended not to hear. I plugged my earphones but didn’t play song to hear the door open, and it did. My mistake was I turned immediately to a young lady wearing yellow off-shoulders and a denim skirt while she held a large, white paper bag with ‘ALDO’ printed on it.

With large eyes I answered, ” You’re early. And you’ve bought new shoes.” She looked like the Minions.

“Yeah. And I got you cookies to munch downstairs.” Even without that smile on her face, I could see the mischievous glint in her eyes, and she probably bought Ben&Jerry’s.

I could feel my shorts tightening around my waist, and the bed deforming because of how heavy I was. She wasn’t sabotaging me because I was the only one who knew my plan. Despite that, I really wanted some cookies.

“Come down now, missy. I bought Ben&Jerrys, too.” She said with a wink as she left, platforms clopping the floor as the sound of it weakens. Damn.

Should I or should I not?

Summer just started, and I had eight weeks before the of start senior year. One wrong move could ruin the entire plan. It was either I eat one or none for eight weeks. I could eat one and it’ll be the last until the end of summer. Or eat all of it and it’ll also be the last until the end of summer. Or don’t eat at all.

“Piggy! Come down now!” That one words decided, and eight weeks from then, I won’t be wearing the same size of shorts


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