I find it funny that in order to be happy, I need money. When there’s money, I think of two things : “Money doesn’t buy happiness” and “Whoever said that money doesn’t buy happiness, didn’t know where to shop”. I didn’t know who said the first one, but the second one was said by Queen Blair.

I read somewhere that a person should focus more on the system rather than the goal. The example cited there was “What if the coach focused more on the team’s training rather than winning?”. At some point of our lives, we write a few of our goals in life in a piece of paper. We have a list of things we wish to accomplish, a list of places we want to visit, an endless list to find happiness.

Finding happiness is not the same for everyone. Coffee and books give me happiness, others may find happiness with their pet, with the new wine they bought, the necklace given to them by their grandmother. Happiness is not the same for everyone. Happiness to me is a goal that should be accomplished everyday. Who knows that today’s your last day?

While chasing your goal, you have to be enthusiastic, curious, and open-minded. While chasing your goal, don’t forget what made you happy, and what made you who you are. Some goals are achieved the moment they’re made. Some goals needed hard work to be achieved. Some goals are never achieved when the person gives up in the middle, while some goals takes too long when the person’s loses his enthusiasm.

There’s no secret formula to reach it now, but there are a few things that all goal-chasers have in common : they start with small steps daily, see challenge as an opportunity, and they let go of their fear.


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