You must think that I never greeted you, and I didn’t. Not personally.
You did things you should’ve done with your family. You traveled to different cities and provinces, you spent sleepless nights gazing the stars, you wondered and answered your questions while you wander. You did things you should’ve done with us, and it’s taking a toll on you.

I had to leave because of you. You could never do your responsibility properly, but you made sure that I got whatever I needed, even though I got them when I didn’t need them anymore. You did give me things, but those that I didn’t need. You were the perfect example of an imperfect father, and you let us live with that example. You let us believe you were not a good father through your selfishness and selflessness.

Despite how you continued your image to us before, you became a different one when I left. You were more selfless rather than selfish to others, but more selfish rather than selfless to your family. You couldn’t balance your two major personality that you started to discover who you really were. You found yourself, and became more than just imperfect. You started to become more selfish to us and selfless to others. You gave me the idea that I am me because of you.

Your wife, my mother, never understood how I could be selfish to myself and selfless to others. You showed me how much you were me and I were you. You taught me how to be independent. How I could discover myself, too, through my own doings.

Dad, someday, we will travel together.



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