No, baby, you’re wrong. I love you because you’re you. Don’t think that I’m here with you for your body. I risked everything and gave everything so you could love me the way I love you.

I loved you when you couldn’t love yourself. When you labeled and hurt yourself. I didn’t want you to feel alone, so I stayed by your side, supported you, and help you stand out. You’ve always been doing things on your own, and I’m just here to support you because I know that despite how much you hate your body, you still love yourself. Despite how much you’ve hurt yourself, there’s still that love in you and stopped you from completely destroying you.

You’re wrong to say that I stayed with you until now because you’ve changed physically. I stayed because I only get the warmest smile from you, the tightest hug from you, the sweetest eyes from you, and the most real personality from you.

I loved you because you know how to lift yourself up in the most cynical way, yet you stayed hopeful that you will stand eventually. You’re a scattered puzzle, and I don’t have the right to fix it because I know that you will solve your own puzzle. The best thing that I could do is support you, and stay by your side, and trust you.

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