It’s hard to forget a movie or book quote you’ve once read, particularly the ones that speak to you. It’s like the author of that book or the screenwriter knew what you wanted, what you’re going through, or who you were meant to be or meant to do. It was Maya Angelou who said, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” Maybe the story we were looking for is something we should create ourselves.

Ideas hit me on the moments I have no writing utensil with – shower, toilet, walking home from school, on the verge of sleeping. I get my favorite writings on those moments, too. I write haikus and poems everyday and sometimes every other day. There’s this feeling of completeness and satisfaction whenever I finish writing either of the two. Sometimes I get to write one shots about stuff I imagine. I see a notebook or a stranger and I create these fictional stories about them. If not about them, I share glimpses of my personal life and let people think of whatever they want about me. And whenever I see a great post, I intuitively re-blog it for other people to see and read it. So far, I got these ideas in me that I’m just too excited to share with others that I get high and drunk with them.

I’m no writer. I’m someone who wants to tell a story, so I guess I’m a storyteller. A storyteller who keeps struggling writing stories.


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