PotC has the “unscratchable itch” while I have the “greatest plan never told”.

It’s character, apparently, to be reticent and never be ready to share my feelings. It’s a part of my nature, as time passes by, to live while I suffocate with thoughts never told to anybody. As easy as it sounds, it’s a difficult life that I deal with alone.

I have plans that I know won’t be followed. I have dreams that are buried under the bed. I have a system, a process that was meant to follow the plan to reach the dream, that’s been covered in dust. It’s character, apparently, to leave things the way it was left.

And apparently, there are those willed enough to strangle you because of their density.


His Sight

In the eye of a stranger, you are already someone. Until they’ve known you from you, they will believe everything said to them about you. It’s unfortunate but real. It’s a matter of changing their perspective of you or letting them change it for you.

Under the Starry Sky

At the stroke of eleven
The world was quiet,
and nobody listened
But I saw the stars of heaven

I heard the whisper of the wind
Not with my ears,
but my heart
And I felt the need to rescind

Towards all the brief pleasures
That of which required great effort
Brought about by fabricated treasures


The Final Journey

“Walking in the dark with the fear of stepping onto something or bumping into someone is great. The unknown is an adventure worth the knowledge and experience. And together, we must journey through this predicament, not forgetting each other’s part.” I agreed with a nod, and had her guide me through a hallway of the misfits and the uncharted.

If this will be the last year that I inhabit this building, I hope, and shall, make it my stepping stone.

When I Was Your Girl

Do you still remember the time you promised not to let go? What happened to that?

I can still remember how you told me that your not one of those guys, the guys who promise and eventually break them. I guess it takes one to know one, it takes you to know if you’re one of those guys. Is it wrong that I can’t trust you anymore? Because now that I’m no longer your best girl, I’m starting to learn more about you. And I don’t like what I learn and how I learn them.

Is it worse that I still love you? Is it worse that I can’t let go?

I can still remember how you held me near you, enveloping me with your arms. I can still remember how you looked at me, talked to me, like it’s just the two of us in the world. I can still remember every promise you told me, every single one of them.

That I’m your only one, that you’ll never let go, that you’ll care for me, that you’ll never hurt me.

It’s funny that I keep telling others not to hold on, never to hold on, yet here I am, still unable to let go.


When you finally come to a realization
That this is what you’ve been waiting for
No more dictation, no more stagnation
You can live the way you lived before.

It’s not a matter of communication
When one side is filled with abhor
And the other with utter desperation
That there is nothing better than to implore;

But not for compensation
Just for the sake of being a schnor.