While My Parents Worked Hard

I had to ponder every outfit I had to wear for school, consider how to start my day the next day, and even think how I can live on my own someday. My parents don’t see things the way I see it. When I have a simple problem, it’s simple for them, too. But it’s […]

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Please don’t feel lonely because I left you. Please do think that I left because I felt lost. I needed to find myself, just like how you found you.

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My Wish

I wish you could see the world How innocent civillians, And teens are killed in cold blood But you’re locked within yourself Creating and believing The lies you made for yourself I wish you could see my world How one choice tramples my hope A new move creates new dreams And sacrifice to reach it […]

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The Joke

It’s funny how you joke around and lie about it. How you make fun of your pain and let people laugh about it. How you want to know their stories but you don’t want them to know yours. How you take advantage of others and use it to yours. How you let it look like […]

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