Mi Familia


Just being with them is enough. Their mere presence lights up my day, even in my darkest hours. The sound of their laughter, the wicked message behind their smiles, the genuine loyalty to each and one of us. It’s painful to talk to them, knowing that someday we will not remember each other. So let me cherish the moments we are together; let me adore you all as I try to detach myself to you all.

The hardest part will always be detaching with you. Because no matter how far I am, we’re all still connected somehow.




Dear Yourself,

Fix it. Create a plan to achieve your dreams. Do something. Don’t just lie around and wait for the world to change for you. You’re no one of importance for it to change. Adjust yourself and adapt to the change.

You said you want to be a writer. You want to travel the world and experience it. You wish to be someone you are not today yet you do nothing. How can you chase your dream if you don’t want to run?

Stop researching. Stop feeding your mind with lies and delusion. You’re no way near your dreams. You haven’t even started anything. You’re just a speck of dust, a dust nobody knows about and nobody cares about. Nothing good will happen to you if you let your fear get ahead of you.

Make yourself suffer if you have to. There’s always a way out. Motivation is not enough. You’ll need the one thing you don’t have and master it – self-discipline. If you have to say no, say it. You know what you want, but you can’t decipher it from what you need. Make yourself suffer and step away from what you don’t need. Your emotional and mental pain are not enough to save you a place in this world.

When will you grow? What will happen to you when you’re alone. Don’t you dare to say that you’re always alone. You’re full of bullcrap. Making crappy excuses just to avoid challenges. You want to do things yet you say you don’t want to. You have this “I don’t give a crap” attitude, yet you’re still here. You already know what you wish for in the future, why not do something in the present that can help with your future’s luster?

You’re unlucky because you haven’t been challenged, you haven’t experienced victory. You haven’t done anything. You’ve already lost.

You should commit treason against yourself. You have to win. Start a fire and play with it. Fight for your place. Don’t wait for someone to abdicate the throne for you. That seat was born for you.

A throne for you. Too good to be true, huh? Then why not build your own? Build your own kingdom.

Yeah, sure, after you help the others continue their dynasty.

You’re a selfish bitch. The question is to whom are you selfish with? I’ll give you a hint: it starts with ‘y’ and ends with ‘f’.



yung mga tanong mo
kung kakausapin pa ba sya
kasi hindi nya naman maiintindihan
na yung mga sinasabi nya
para makatulong
ay mas nakasasakit pa;
siguro dahil totoo yun
o dahil hindi mo matanggap
o dahil ang mga sinabi
ay wala nang epekto
maliban sa lungkot na nadarama
dahil sana mayroon pa
sana may gana pa
sana may gana pa sya
lalo’t nandiyan naman
ang kaibigan nya